We just added quite a variety of figured hardwoods to the site today!

New Listings - Feb. 28, 2020

4/4 Curly Maple
Extra Heavy Figure!, 
M2002    -135Y to -171Y

8/4 Curly Maple
M2002  -91 to -132

5/4 to 8/4 Roasted Curly Maple
RM2001 -1 to -20

4/4 Curly Ambrosia Maple
AM2002 -9 to -41

8/4 Curly Ambrosia Maple
AM2002 -42 to -56

4/4 Curly Cherry
C2002   -23 to -53

8/4 Curly Cherry
C2002  -7 to -22

4/4 to 8/4 Spalted Hard Maple
SHM2002-1 to -17

4/4 Spalted Ambrosia Maple
SA2002-1 to -2

 4/4 Spalted Red Oak, SRO2002-1 to -2

4/4 Spalted Poplar,  SP2002-1 to -2

 Hobby Wood- Odds and EndsS2210 to S2255 (More will be added throughout the week)

Turning Blocks   (More will be added throughout the week)

Please note: If you click on a products image in the picture viewer, it will enlarge and allow you to see more details.
Also, some of you requested the ability to open and save image files. We added a link called "open" below each picture that will open the image in a separate screen and allow you to save if desired.

We are continuing to try and improve the site and make it more user friendly. We welcome all your input!

Thank you for your patronage!


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