Curly Ambrosia Maple 4/4        Curly Ambrosia Maple 8/4       Curly Soft Maple 4/4      Curly Soft Maple 8/4       

Roasted Figured Ash       Roasted Birdseye Maple       Roasted Cherry      Roasted  Hard Maple      Roasted Maple  

  Roasted Turning Blocks         Hobby Packs     Hobby Shorts/Cut Offs

Due to the emerald ash borer, ash has become functionally extinct. A massive ash tree that is over 4' in diameter that is deep in our woodlot is now in its final death throes.  It was healthy all the way until last year.  Most of my sawmills will no longer except ash as they are to far gone to saw into lumber anymore.  Ash is quickly going the way of our chestnut and elm trees.  A relic of the past.  I have a tiny amount of curly, and burly ash left.  I would be surprised if we ever get anymore.

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