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RBLM2202-17, 7/8x7x37, Roasted Torrefied, Blistered Hard Maple
RBLM2202-17, 7/8x7x37, Roasted Torrefied, Blistered Hard Maple

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Curly Tiger Figured Quilted Hard Maple Wood Board
Part Number: RBLM2202-17

Luthier figure
Front: Large wide blisters throughout.  Medium roasted hard maple.
Back:  There is a dime sized hole from the jointer that's 8-1/2" from an end.  I did not plane it out because there isn't much figure on this side.  Probably face only.

Hard Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) 
The roasting process pre-stresses the wood, caramelizes the sugars, sealing the pores and rendering them more resistant to moisture and movement. The caramelizing color pervades throughout the board thus enhancing the tiger figure.

Please note all wood is flat sawn, face jointed flattened, planed and edge jointed unless otherwise noted. 
Wood has been dried in a Nyle kiln to 6% to 8% moisture content.

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Can ship USPS Flat Rate $12.99

Can ship USPS Flat Rate $12.99

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