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Wo2210-22JJ, 1-5/8x7x34, Quartersawn White Oak
Wo2210-22JJ, 1-5/8x7x34, Quartersawn White Oak

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Curly Tiger Hard Maple Wood Board Lumber
Part Number: Wo2210-22JJ
Front: Lots of flakes and rays. There is a band of blue that runs the edge. Will rip at 6-1/2.
Back: Similar to the front.

Displays dramatic medullar figure called flake or fleck, and you'll see this used in antiques
medullary ray flecks
Additional aesthetics include wavy and interlocked grains. Structural benefits to quarter sawn oak include that it reduces twisting, warping and cupping, holds finishes better, and does not allow liquids to readily pass through it.
A quarter sawn piece radiates elegance and traditional beauty making it an heirloom

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